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Reactive Graphics understands the design requirements of financial companies who need to demonstrate professionalism and credibility when dealing with their client base.

Our expertise in website design for financial services is earned through years of experience with private equity and asset management companies. It’s this knowledge that makes us one of London’s top choices for providing web and graphic design services to the financial sector.


Hosking Partners Web design

Hosking Partners is an investment management partnership, specialising in unorthodox global equity strategies for institutional investors. Hosking Partners was established in 2013 to offer a global equity strategy to institutional investors. They are a small, owner-managed partnership based in London. Both their investment approach and organisational structure sets them apart from the crowd.

Hosking Partners tasked us with creating a micro-site for their business. They require a website design for financial services that gives them an air of confidence in the marketplace outlining their tailored investment approach. The challenge for a web design London agency was to create a website that is lean on content but big on credibility so that Hosking Partners can attract and retain their high profile clients.

Web design for Kreos Capital

Tasked with re-designing and modernising an existing website for financial company Kreos Capital, we created a B2B website design for their financial services that breathed a new sense of maturity into the company’s online presence. The revised web site design is bolder focussing more on the company’s achievements enabling their client work and accreditation to speak for itself.

Since its formation in 1998, the Kreos organisation has provided consistency, clarity and continuity for management teams and equity sponsors looking for a long term investment partner.  We chose typography which we felt appealed to Kreos’s tech-focused client-base adding animation on text to highlight the successes and credentials of the business. Our considered use of animation adds a sense of seamless interactivity, which we wanted to showcase throughout the site.

Web design for SelectX

SelectX provide consultancy services specialising in life and disability insurance underwriting. The B2B web site design is an excellent example of the type of web design financial clients often require. The web design is conservative with strong contrast and a contemporary edge. The financial web site design for SelectX makes creative use of the company’s color scheme, using the orange as a key design asset to highlight the areas of the web site. The website is clean, sharp and uses colour sparingly. We also supported SelectX with printed marketing collateral.

Financial services Website design for Afra Capital

Afra Capital is an independent advisory firm that raises capital for alternative investments. The company is experienced in the implementation of strategies across a variety of investment management solutions.

Afra Capital required a website design for their financial services that would support their business and function exclusively as a referral tool. The microsite needed to be minimal without appearing too simplistic, with each page demanding an effective use of space and contrast.

Financial services Brand Identity design for Blakeney Management

Blakeney is tech savvy and sophisticated and their new website reflects this. We made sure to keep the presentation minimal, with clean vector infographics used where necessary. As the website should primarily be used as a tool for referral, the design should instil confidence in users – our minimalist approach means that the user is not overloaded with information, and every piece of information stands out more as a result.

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