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5 Essential Web Design Tips for your Financial Website Design

By 15th April 2020November 13th, 2020No Comments

Websites in the finance sector should aim to be taken seriously. Their website design needs to inspire trust, offer security and display expertise. A financial website must speak directly to their audience and the best way to do that is with design.

However, websites for banking and finance companies have their own unique requirements. Online traffic has become an important source for customers for banks, finance advisers, insurance companies and similar organisations. Which is why it is vital you incorporate these 5 design tips into your financial web design.

minimal financial website design

1. Minimal is More

You should keep your web design simple, the best way to keep a design simple is to use white space – a white background. Then use strong, contrasting colours to highlight your important areas. If your website is straight forward and free from clutter, your business will appear the very same.

User interaction and experience (UI/UX) is essential to a website’s design. Understanding the user journey, directing focus in the right places and being mobile responsive will promote your site and encourage more users.

2. Utilise Video in Financial Website Design

Financial services can be tricky to understand at times. Using video or a series of imagery to explain your services can go a long way to helping visitors get to grips with your brand. However, don’t set your videos to start playing automatically. Instead, allow visitors to play the video whenever they feel the need for an explanation.

A financial website design’s success depends on how positive the user experience is and video content is proven to increase the audience engagement. Utilising videos on your website also help you get your company message across promptly and keep people interested for longer.

video and imagery
call to action

3. Make your Call to Action Stand Out

A call to action involves asking the website visitor to carry out an action by clicking a button or link. When designing your CTAs, make sure to use strong colours and direct language. The real value in a CTA is in its message, placement, and strategy. Including these strategic buttons is key to engaging prospects and achieving your website goals.

You want your CTA to be located in an easy to find spot and be large enough to see but not too distracting. Keep in mind that your site viewers should not have to search for your CTA. Your call to actions should be intuitive and simple to find.

4. Make it Mobile-Friendly

The value of responsive website is immense. Clients are busy, and constantly on the go, so your site must be adaptable to all circumstances. Approximately half of all internet traffic is mobile, which makes having a mobile responsive website an absolute must for any respectable financial brand.

However, it’s not just clients you need to impress with a mobile friendly website. Google ranks mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly websites, and penalises those that aren’t optimised. If your site isn’t responsive, it is automatically dropped down the results page.

incorporate colour

5. Incorporate Colour

Don’t be afraid of using colour in your branding and throughout your website. The colours you use on your website are more important than you think. Using the same colours on your website as you do in your brand logo will help build brand recognition. A brand that is easily recognised will build brand trust.

In addition, think about your audience when choosing the colours for your web design and brand. Different colours can be used to represent and attract a different audience to your financial website design.

In Conclusion

Now you know that web design for finance companies should be taken seriously because a professional website design will help build trust with your clients. Every finance website will have different design requirements but these 5 design tips are essential for your financial website design.

At Reactive Graphics we understand the design requirements of financial companies who need to demonstrate professionalism and credibility when dealing with their client base.

If you would like Reactive Graphics to build you a website or convert your existing one to sell online, please do get in touch.
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