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GEO IP in web design

By 7th April 2015November 28th, 2016No Comments

What is GEO IP?

Geo IP is the method of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location through using their computer IP address. This information is used in order to provide a expanded website user experience that offer unique information to the user established through where they are in relation to the company they are enquiring to.

GEO IP is being used in web design to provide the user with a personalised experience based on their location.

Hows does it work?

In simple terms a website will ask you for permission to trace your location. Once you accept, your computer IP address (IP stands for Internet Protocol and refers to the basic rules that allow computers to communicate with each other) is transmitted to the server of the website you are browsing, thus determining your current location in relation to other allocated geographical locations.

We input GEO IP technology into one of our recent web designs for Citibase. Their website uses your IP address in order to establish where your nearest Citibase offices are.

If you would like to install Geo IP capabilities into your website then please contact us.

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