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We’re proud of the websites we design and therefore it’s equally important for us to preserve continuity of service for the websites we build. We routinely host our clients’ websites and provide routine maintenance to keep each web page performing well.

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Why choose our web hosting services?

Our web hosting service covers everything from storing the files that power your website on a secure server to the networking connectivity that enables the world to see it. It is a home for your website to live and grow.

Website hosting is like the energy supply to your home, you don’t think about it until it stops working. When this happens, you will want an immediate response to fix the problem and get your website back up and running. Similarly, when it comes to web hosting you want your website to be responsive and available at peak trading times. You also want to schedule maintenance for off-peak periods, to minimise website disruption for customers.

It is just as important that when there is a problem that needs fixing, you need a web hosting response that is quick and effective.

By choosing to host your website with us, we can guarantee you peace of mind by protecting your website against hacking and server failure. You will benefit from high-level security, both on hardware and software. We provide regular back-ups and speedy resolutions to all hosting issues.

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Website Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, your website can become a potential risk for your business. If your website breaks or comes to a standstill. The outcome can majorly affect your company’s sales but also your reputation too.

If you have a WordPress site it should be regularly updated in line with WordPress theme updates, as well as plugins and application changes. We do this to ensure your website runs smoothly and everything works correctly.

Our full-service website maintenance package includes the design, development, programming, marketing modifications and all the support your website may need.

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Website Migration

When you migrate your website to work with us, we move your website from your old host and make the transition seamless. Collectively we compare the right hosting environment for your business based on several things. These include required space, number of visitors and the location of your customers. We will prepare your new servers and make sure the whole thing is fully configured and ready to go. We double check everything on the website is running properly before, during and after the site goes live.

We also provide development and staging platforms to preview and test the site before going live in its new environment. This allows us too swiftly remedy any problems behind the scenes whilst your customers continue to use your website. Once the website is ready for the switch, we switch the website DNS records and your website is ready to go on the new and improved hosting environment.

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